Thursday, May 26, 2011

Whole Foods Focus Group

Tuesday night I attended a focus group at the Whole Foods in Cottonwood Heights.
I was asked to come and participate in a discussion about various topics such as:
  • What could be done to improve the store
  • Where do we shop?
  • What things are important to me as a consumer when deciding where to grocery shop.
It was an interesting evening, as all cases tend to be when you put a random group of people together who do not know each other, but are all asked the same question.  I always have nicknames for people, almost within the first 5 minutes of interacting with someone.  There was "That Lady" the one who doesn't shut the hell up.  She pours her life story out at every given chance, and it is a constant battle to try and get the topic back to why we are all there to begin with.  There was the "Rich Bitch" you know, "Oh, my husband makes well over six figures a year, so where I shop doesn't matter at all"  Can it sister, go back to your empty life you filled with material objects because your husband ignores you.  Some chick was there who I have no idea what to say about.  She went on and on about how her Dad supports her and her baby, and she refuses to feed her baby anything but organic food, so he had to get a second job to support the cost of the groceries she buys, and she even made him move to a house across from the Whole Foods.  I am not sure who I wanted to punch more, the girl or her father....give me a break. 

I really enjoyed it though.  I like offering feedback on things, especially when the end results could benefit me.  I love Whole Foods, and although I can not afford to shop there all the time, it is still a place I purchase items from weekly.  They were very generous in my opinion.  They fed us dinner, and gave us a goodie bag along with a.....wait for it........$ 50.00 gift card to the store.  CHA-CHING!  God know I will blow through that stash 'o cash in no time at all.

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