Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Healthy Heathen

(I have no idea what to here it goes)

Name:  Heather Griffith
Age: 35 years old
Children: 3 kids, ages 6-18
Married: Yes, and damn lucky to have held on to him this long
Where I Roam: Salt Lake City, UT
Hobbies:  Running, Cycling, Roller Derby
Obsession: Healthy Living Blogs, Jason Isbell, Peanut Butter and Kale
Talents:  Amazing Heel Clicker and Getting Hurt
Likes: Tattoos, Travel and Music
Dislikes: Winter and Watermelon
Favorite Booze Drink: Sailor Jerry
Roller Derby Name and Number: Chick S'Lay #11-11

Basic Description:  At first glance, I come off as a tough, tattooed chick with a foul mouth.  Once people get to know me, they see I am shy, always wanting to help others and really hard on myself.  I am a former Fat Girl, and I am on a path of self-discovery that I hope to share.

I am unsure how to begin a blog based only on myself, but I need to do this for several reasons.  The main one being so I can share my life and the many struggles I have gone through with weight loss and health.  I feel I have 'wasted' nearly half my life living in a body that held me back from accomplishing the things I always wanted to.  Over 2 years ago, when I really started to succeed at losing weight, I began to realize that it wasn't my body holding me back, it was my mind.  Once I began to make the connection that as long as I filled my life with self-doubt and excuses, there would be no turning back from the position I had put myself in.  I had to accept and take blame for the way I hid behind food as a way to cope with situations in my life that I had no control of.  This has been a long journey, and it isn't over.  I still battle demons, I wish I could say I didn't.  I hope to find a healthy balance between body and mind.  One thing I need to work on is liking myself, and not being so hard on myself.  I deserve credit for the things I have accomplished, yet, I still haven't found a way to make friends with the 'fat girl' that I was.  I am making progress, and I hope that by sharing my story, I can help anyone who has been in the same position I have been in their life, and see that it can be done, it is not impossible, or even too late to take back your life, and begin living it the way you want.


  1. I really look forward to reading you blog and about the adventure you took to being healthy.

  2. You are so inspiring to me.. it's so amazing to see someone you know actually succeed at this and kick ass!! Thanks for sharing.. I too need to get my ass out there and get my life back!! xoxoxo

  3. This is awesome and inspiring! I am officially adding you to my blog list. :)

  4. Michelle....I am here for you. I am serious when I saw that. kick ass. Enough said.

  5. I can totally relate to the being self critical, self doubting and not allowing myself to believe I can like who I am or take credit for my accomplishments. For so long I only recognized my not so healthy choices, excuses and not have lived my life how I wanted. We all have vises...and I couldn't agree more that it is not just the body that holds us back...I have made alot of progress with refusing to be a victim off my physical disabilities and this has made a ton of difference with the health of my mind. I feel so much better, physically and mentally, and am making healthier choices thanks to Inspiration from awsome friends like you!!! Love you and appreciate all of your advise, insight and insight. You are truley amazing and one of the best people I have ever known. Thanks for sharing :)