Health Coaching

Welcome to the Healthy Heathen....

Let me help you discover your true potential through a healthy lifestyle.  I have a true passion for helping others learn the benefits of healthy eating habits, and an active lifestyle. 

I believe that by jumping head first into focusing on you, and your health, you can ultimately tap in to your inner 'Bad Ass', and accomplish things you never imagined!

I have studied over 100 different dietary theories, and believe that not everyone has the same needs.  I believe that health comes from a mixture made up of the foods we eats, and the self-care we give ourselves as well.  I realize there is no one perfect method for every single person, and this is where I can help and guide you in discovering what works best for you.

Contact me at or check out my website if you would like more information, or would like to meet for a free health consultation.  I would love the chance to be a part of your transformation.

Health and Happiness,