Monday, May 30, 2011

Marathon Training....a disaster week??

I fully intended to write up an in depth explanation of the Marathon Training Plan I am following.  But for now, I am making a quick post, from my son's hospital room, because this is where we ended up this fine Memorial Day weekend.

I know shit happens, and I know that training plans are a great outline to follow, but adjust as you need to.  Here is my dilemma...along with training to run, I am also doing a 100 mile bike ride this Saturday. 
Bloody Hell, it sounded like a fan-freaking-tastic idea until I have to find the time to DO the workouts layed out for BOTH events.

My training plan had a total of 16 miles to complete, divided between four days.  Sounds reasonable enough, right?  Totally....but did it, I DID NOT!  My own plans were to run and bike on alternating days with 2 long bike rides this weekend, and a 7 mile trail run with steep hills, just to humble my sorry ass.

Monday- Spin Class (nice ass kicking)
Tuesday- 4 mile run on 'dreadmill'
Friday-, notice a huge gap here??
Saturday- 40 mile bike ride
Sunday- Noah admitted to the hospital
Monday- still in the hospital

So, it is what it is.  I brought my running shoes to the hospital, so I could sneak off and run some trails up by the hospital when Noah had a crowd of visitors to keep him company, but it has not happened.  They sit in my bag begging to be worn, not so much because 'the plan' says to, but because I need to feel fresh air in my face, and see that there is life outside the walls of your child's hospital room.  Running gives me time to think, and reflect, and gain perspective so I can focus on the good that is happening with Noah, and not so much the worry you have as a parent sitting here dwelling on his health.  He is going to be okay, and I am hoping he will be released from the hospital tomorrow.  The running shoes will go back on, but for now, I am in the only place I need to be, and that is by his side.  That is more important than anything.


  1. stupid question.. but when you first started out, what would you do to work out?

  2. Michelle,

    When I first started running, I followed a program called the Couch to 5k. I recommend it to anyone who wants to just start running, or fast walking, to see how they like it. Here is the link-

    As far as other things, I loved riding my bike, and still do. It is lower impact, which always helps. Seriously, if you ever wanted a walk partner, or biking partner, let me know. I am here for ya!!

  3. Sweet! I have heard of the couch to 5k, I think i may have even subscribed to the podcast years ago.